To the Editor:

Last month, awareness of climate change was brought to Geneva by a rally and march organized and led by Geneva Women's Assembly. It brought out a significant number of people from our local colleges as well as residents of all ages. For that, I commend each and everyone for doing what you felt was right for our city on our fragile planet.

The impact it had on me was being more conscious of what I contribute to the crisis for which we are all responsible. We cannot wait for the money-hungry, oil barons and their like-minded profiteers of our natural resources to act. We, the people, must change our ways first! Our actions and behavior are very important.

On a personal level, I take advantage of the compost service in my ward, shop responsibly, and use as little plastic as I can. Instead I use glass for my food storage. These changes I've made are little things, but they do make a difference.

It's really not that hard to form a new habit. It takes something like 21 to 30 days! What are you willing to do for our city so that we can all act locally and think globally?



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