We owe it to ourselves to try new solutions

To the Editor:

Picture a person sitting with a stack of medical bills and insurance statements preparing to pay the inevitable amount owed for their healthcare appointments. At some point in our adult lives we find ourselves in this situation and experience the full body groan resulting from the discovery that, after paying $566 per month for insurance, there is still $320 owed to the hospital, $45 to the doctor, $30 for labs plus the additional costs for any prescriptions.

Contemplate this if you are one of the lucky ones who earn $55,000 per year. Imagine what the groan feels like for those who make $32,000. $28,000. Less.

Decades of exhaustive debates about paying for healthcare have led us to attempt solutions that provide a measure of security for our most vulnerable (seniors, children, people living far below the poverty line for income) through government programs while everyone else struggles with various forms of private insurance or go without coverage. Despite the success of the government programs we haven’t been willing to expand them and bring that security to everyone.

After years of debate and tinkering with solutions that keep our status quo, we owe it to ourselves to try what we haven’t yet. The solutions proposed by Democrats this cycle, such as Medicare for All, represent a natural progression of providing healthcare security and ending the experience of the full body groan when paying medical bills.



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