To the Editor:

I like to throw a scare into old Beelzebub every once in a while, just to keep him off balance. So I went along to Mount Olive on a recent Sunday. After all, if he missed out on Barabas, there's still hope for me. Rev. Golden was keeping it 100; he warned about the miasma of hate this world is drowning in. Facebook and Twitter have weeded out Satan's A team, but it's still hard to hear "Love one another" in the cacophony of hatred. That day, Mount Olive's call and response included Brother Bob Marley. I kept hearing, "Get up. Stand up."

Well, if evil is not going to be bashful, neither am I. I have a T-shirt that reads, "We rise together." It has the raised fist of Tommie Smith and John Carlos plus one for every color of God's human rainbow. Giving witness a day a week then waiting for laundry to get done, is just not good enough. I'm either going to blow a gasket on that washing machine, or I have to order another T-shirt. What the heck, my birthday is coming, the shirt is cheap enough, and I sure like torturing that devil. Payback is going to be great!



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