With Council focusing on GPD, where’s discussion of other important issues?

To the Editor:

It started with the City of Geneva initiating the Policing Reform and Reinvention Collective Board.

Then this Council, led by the five in the majority, passed Local Law 1-2021 Police Review Board.

Next they created the GPD Body Camera Policy Task Force By-Laws.

Along with these this Council, led by the five in the majority, created the GPD Budget Advisory Board.

Now these same majority Council members want to spend in excess of $40,000 to hire a consulting firm to evaluate our Geneva Police Department’s staffing structure along with other operational areas.

Where is that funding going to come from? They trimmed the 2021 City Operational Budget so thin they have no cushion to waste on such funding.

All this in an effort to do what? Is this excessive effort to hold City of Geneva PD accountable necessary?

Meanwhile, a select few Council members continue to violate the Code of Ethics, which they swore to follow,

This Council, led my the five in majority, has consistently ignored the findings and recommendations presented to them by their own accountability board — the Ethics Committee.

These same Council members don’t even make an effort to follow the Rules of Order during Council meetings.

In the past two years, I can’t remember any discussions about economic development, youth programs, or programs for elderly residents to mention just a few.

If you share my concerns regarding the direction this Council is taking our City I strongly urge you to attend Council meetings and work sessions! Reach out to your ward councilor and challenge him or her regarding how they are representing you and your ward!



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