To the Editor:

We would like to make some comments on the changes to the city zoning. We are Slosson Lane residents and would be directly affected by the change to multi-use.

First of all, I question if the consultants Geneva hired even came to the actual land in question. They say there is no agricultural activity in the Geneva City limits. However, the 38 acres behind Slosson Lane with few exceptions have been farmed constantly since the mid-1800s including now.

Speaking of farms, Slosson Lane started out as a farm lane; it is not much wider especially at the south end where two cars can barely pass. The city thinks that a narrow road with no sidewalks is going to handle the heavy traffic from this high density area. What about the safety of pedestrians and kids on bikes?

We recently had our home appraised. The realtors mentioned that the Slosson Lane area is one of the most desirable parts of the city. While our home values will decrease with high density behind us, we assume our tax burden would not.

We understand the need to increase the tax base but who is making the decision here? Is it a consulting company that has no interest other than generating a fee? The Town of Geneva has an interest in this as well, as they maintain and own half the street.



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