Last week was NOT a banner week for me.

First off, a 23-year-old nephew (in law) of Olga’s in Costa Rica passed away from COVID. Third time my wife’s family has had to deal with a death from COVID. Costa Rica still doesn’t have enough vaccines.

On the less sad side but still frustrating: I got a rejection on a picture book. This was the second close-but-not-quite on this project. I’m used to rejections. It’s part of the job, but still they sting for a moment.

I’ve been waiting to hear from my agents on a new graphic novel. When you’re a writer there is a lot of waiting. I should be used to it. I am, kind of. In many ways it’s the toughest part of the gig.

Oh, too, I somehow managed to hurt my heel and ram my gut into the corner of the ping-pong table while doing virtual boxing. So yes, I literally bruised myself playing virtual boxing. Hence the reason why these days I never really spar.

Saturday, it rained all day. I looked around to see if any neighbors were building arcs. It rained so much I believe it was the only day in the last three-plus years I did NOT throw Frisbees with Daisy. Not to mention that the Mets played one of their worse ninth innings during the 50 years I’ve been watching them. They blew a six-run lead to the Pirates and lost on a walk-off grand slam. (When you’re a Mets fan you are used to disappointment, but this was bad even by Mets standards.)

Of course, this column is called Positive Vibes. I’m supposed to be a happiness facilitator, therefore I need to put a positive spin on all this. Well, most of this. I can’t put a positive spin on a healthy 23-year-old dying from COVID.

But for the rest of the lousy things that happened I take a few breaths and forget about ‘em. As I write this it’s Sunday, the start of a new week. I woke up determined not to let last week cling to my brain. Time to forgot about that and start the new week off in a positive way.

Olga and I had a very pleasant lunch at Mac’s Drive-In with our buddies Dave and Brenda. There’s not much better than a lunch with friends, eating wings, drinking root beer floats and talking about pickleball and the joys of aging. Upon getting home I made it up to Daisy by throwing a lot of Frisbees to her. Plus, I was greeted by my new watch that lets me take an ECG, which came back normal after doing a seven-minute workout. Not only that but today the Mets pulled a reverse on the Pirates, rallying from six runs down to win. (First time since 1903 two opposing teams on back-to-back days came back from six runs down to win.)

Baseball is a very funny game. So is life. Make the most of it, and don’t let a few bad breaks break your spirit.

John Zakour lives in Geneva. He is a freelance humor writer with a BA in Computer Science from SUNY Potsdam, a master’s in human behavior and a Chief Happiness Practitioner. He has sold thousands of gags to strips and magazines and had over 50 books published. He writes his own syndicated comic, “Working Daze,” which has anywhere from 30K-100K daily readers. His “Positive Vibes” column runs every Thursday. Contact him at

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