Carrols on Hamilton Street

Carrols hamburger chain was on Hamilton Street in Geneva for a short time. It opened around 1970 but in 1975 the company converted most of its stores to Burger Kings. (Carrol Restaurant Corporation is still the largest Burger King franchise owner in the world.)

Isn’t it amazing how a single photo can sometimes trigger a torrent of memories, almost like you were there last week, even if years or even decades may have passed?

A photo of an old restaurant will certainly remind you of what it used to look like, but it also may usher in vivid, mouth-watering memories of what their famous cheeseburgers tasted like. You may recall the way the place smelled when the fryers were working overtime, how it sounded when the noise of the dinnertime crowd reached its peak, how the people who used to work there made you feel.

Chuck Schading

Chuck Schading

A few weeks ago our advertising director, Mark Lukas, asked me if we’d ever considered starting a gallery of historic photos on our website. As soon as he mentioned it, my only real thought was, “Why don’t we have one already?”

And if the hubbub that ensued earlier this year when we temporarily shelved our popular “Days of Yore” feature on the comics page was any indication, we figured an online photo gallery looking back at the people and places in our community over the years would be just as popular. And so far, it has been.

The new gallery — which we’ve dubbed “Days of Yore: A Finger Lakes Photo Archive” — can be found on our homepage at or accessed directly at