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MINNEAPOLIS – Like many people, theater artist Jason Clusman lost his job because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, his new gig might help him get the old one back. A stage manager whose shows at the Guthrie Theater include multiple stagings of "A Christmas Carol," Clusman, 40, was laid off along with about 200 others last spring. By June, he had shifted the organizational skills that made him ...

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CHICAGO — When teams want to neutralize the Chicago Blackhawks, one of the best strategies is to send a heavy to separate the player from the puck. The Hawks have relied mostly on a smallish roster with speed, effort and offensive skill, but a lot of teams have that. If they want to advance as a franchise, they need more than pluck. Some of the moves the Hawks have made since the offseason ...

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Who for the last year has not been spending more than a little too much time roaming around in pajamas? We planned to get out of ours one morning, but after some thought, it just seemed like such a waste. Why should we dirty up laundry just to go from the bedroom to the kitchen to the home office and around again? Put on some pants or a dress? Shirt and tie? And what about shoes? Real shoes — ...

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Inclusivity isn’t just a goal for recruiting or for your specific team. It’s a goal for anyone in leadership in an organization. The responsibility doesn’t start with HR, or a board—it starts with you. And me. And anyone with aspirations of moving up to a senior role. The best leaders don’t just say they’re inclusive; […]

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As the COVID-19 pandemic stretched on, children who have been called on to do their part still may not fully understand why they have had to skip play dates or avoid sitting together at lunch tables inside school cafeterias. Older children who are cognizant of much more may be growing weary of social distancing and may have started to question the benefits of staying home.

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It’s no stretch to declare that today’s job market is more volatile—and competitive—than ever before. Across all industries, the number of people vying for a limited number of coveted positions continues to rise. Amidst the uncertainty one thing is abundantly clear—if you’re going to cut through the competition and get noticed by key industry gatekeepers […]

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The holiday season is a memorable time of year, featuring food, family, and community. Ontario County 4-H’ers enjoy the annual Harvest Food Fe…