Only in 2020 do bowling and shower curtains belong in the same sentence. Shower curtains are one of the ways bowling alleys have partitioned lanes to prevent the spreading of germs, and they will be very much apart of the winter bowling season across the region.

Of the few winter sports that have the green light to play on, boys and girls bowling is one of them.

There will be no high-fives, everyone will be separated and masks will of course we worn but the season will go on.

On the boys side of things last year, Wayne Central(74-11, 39-11) fended off Penn Yan(67-13, 37-13) and Newark( 60-15, 35-15) for the Finger Lakes East title last season.

Although it would be Newark with the final strike as the Reds won sectionals last season.

“All my boys are returning and I expect them to certainly contend again this year for a sectional title,” Newark head coach Mark Rowe stated in a phone call to the Times.

“My boys will tough this year,” Penn Yan head coach Mindy Johnson stated about the start-up of the boys season. “I got a really good boys team, they’ll be something to contend with this year.”

Newark and Penn Yan split in the regular season last year with 4-1 victories at their respected home bowling alleys.

Bloomfield(49-31, 43-7) looks to repeat in the Finger Lakes West and Sodus/Williamson(62½-4½, 55½-4½) starts their league title defense out in Wayne County.

On the girls side, Newark(74½-½, 49½-½) had a stellar 2019-2020 season after just losing a half point on the entire season to Marcus Whitman(61½-18½, 32½-17½) back on Jan. 7, 2020.

Whitman ended placing 3rd in the East.

“I did lose a senior after last season,” Rowe added on his girls team going into this season. “But, we are still very strong and I also expect them to take their fifth consecutive sectional title.”

Penn Yan girls(64-16, 34-16) finished in 2nd place right behind Newark in the East.

“We don’t have as much participation as I would like,” Johnson added on her girls team heading into the 2020-2021 season. “I have two very strong bowlers Anella Tillman and Andy Kniffin coming back and they should really be my leaders. I think I only have five on the roster right now and I’m hoping that increases so that we could have more options but those two are awfully strong bowlers, they’ll be tough for any team to go against.”

Newark defeated Penn Yan 5-0 in both of their meetings last season as the two look to be back on top of the Finger Lakes East once again this season.

Dundee(53-27, 46-4) is the defending champ in the Finger Lakes West and Red Creek(36-9, 36-9) aims for another solid season as after their Wayne County league title in 2019-2020.

The only question that remains going into this bowling season is if any other athlete from a high-risk sport will join the teams.

If, a high-risk athlete decides to bowl this season, that athlete is committed to bowling even if their sport returns at the start of 2021. It’s a gamble for all athletes.

Rowe has stated that he has heard of some Newark girls basketball players that might be interested in joining his girls team, but no real commitments have manifested as of yet.

Johnson’s Penn Yan teams have not had any additions from athletes from other winter sports yet either, but the question still remains in the air for some of these winter sports athletes.

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