Adjusting to the college life can be a difficult transition for any freshman. Add being a student-athlete into the mix and it can be even more so.

Sarah Kohberger, however, seems to be adjusting just fine.

The 2019 Mynderse Academy graduate is in her first year as a member of the Ithaca College tennis team.

“I think the thing that has remained the most familiar to me in this transition is having a team and being a team player,” Kohberger said. “I have always grown with the girls on any team I’ve ever been on. And I’m so glad that I have the team I do now.”

Balancing studies and tennis, however, is catching up with Kohberger. It’s something she’s definitely noticed.

“Definitely the balance of tennis and classes has been tough to keep,” she added. “All my classmates talk about going to office hours for certain teachers and getting help and doing assignments together, but I cannot partake in that because of my practice and lift schedule. I am slowly learning how to work around that and adjust to this new schedule.”

At Mynderse, Kohberger was a five-year member of Scott Redding’s tennis squad. On the doubles court she went 43-6, while posting a 10-5 singles record her senior year. In addition she was a four-year member of the basketball and softball team. On the hardwood she was the Blue Devils’ second highest scorer in her senior campaign.

Back to tennis, though.

“With a team of only freshmen and sophomores to start off my career, no one thought we would have a chance,” Kohberger said. “But at the sectional finals match, when we walked off the court carrying the Section V trophy, everyone knew we would go on to accomplish great things.

“We won sectionals again the year after that, and the next year, we were able to capture the legendary three-peat. We all grew incredibly close as a team being so successful at such young ages.”

Tomorrow the Bombers will travel to New Jersey to participate in the Stevens Singles Invitational. Despite being a dominant doubles player, Kohberger hopes to be a hidden asset on the singles side.

“I expect this weekend to be interesting,” she said. “I am not originally a singles player. I lived, ate, breathed doubles during high school. But I am excited to put myself out there and try to become a threat in singles just as much as I am in doubles.”

The biggest thing Kohberger hopes to get out of year one is enjoying the overall experience.

“Bonding with my team, becoming a successful doubles player on the team, getting good grades, finding time to study, making friends,” she said.

Kohberger is majoring in physical therapy.

Other local athletes playing in college this fall:

• Nate Trowbridge (Geneva ’19) is an offensive lineman for the Hobart football team.

• Kady Pierce (Canandaigua Academy ’18) is a setter for the FLCC volleyball team.

• Trinity Maestre (Midlakes ’19) is a member of the FLCC women’s soccer team.

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