OVID — When Kenny Chesney released the song “The Boys of Fall” in 2010 it touched many young high school football players, as well as former high school players. Unfortunately for the South Seneca/Romulus football program there will be no boys of fall this season.

On Wednesday it was confirmed that the two school districts from southern Seneca County will not be fielding a varsity team this year due to low numbers of players.

“It is always devastating to cut a program,” South Seneca Athletic Director Heather Mott said. “The participation rate across the board in high school athletics is way down. It will leave an impact but it’s also a harsh reality check of the downward spiral that we are witnessing of lack of student engagement across extracurricular activities, i.e. athletics in this case.”

The Falcons will run a Mod A program consisting of seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-graders. Mott mentioned that they have very healthy numbers and that they are, “using all of their energy to put behind that experience and this season.”

Mott also stated that the school districts will be targeting a return to 8-man football next season.

Trumansburg opted to split from the Tri-Town merger back in early March, deciding to start its own 8-man program.

“We had a three-way merger for a reason,” Mott added. “Three schools couldn’t produce healthy numbers. It’s not like Trumansburg left to go play 11-man.”

It also was announced Wednesday that Newark will be playing 8-man this fall, joining the likes of Dundee in the Finger Lakes.

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