PHELPS — Friday the 13th is often associated with bad luck.

The Newark and Midlakes football teams both lost in lopsided fashion last week. Both entered Friday the 13th hoping to reverse their opening-week fortunes.

Only one did — and bad luck had little to do with the outcome.

Newark dominated its former Finger Lakes East foe from the outset Friday night, running away to a 47-6 victory over the Eagles at Ollie Cook Memorial Field.

“We had to go back and execute some of the things that didn’t work at Honeoye Falls-Lima,” Reds coach Mike McGavisk said. “I think another week of practice helped.

“Tonight was tough with the wind conditions for both teams, so it was a big emphasis on the run game for both teams tonight. We’re happy to see an improvement, and we’re happy with the result.”

McGavisk remembers many competitive games with Midlakes through the years.

“It has always been a pretty good rivalry,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that we’re not able to play all the other league teams on a consistent basis. We miss those types of games within our league. We had a strong league with eight teams, and it was a lot of fun ... and we kind of miss that.”

Newark used a ground-and-pound attack to chew up clock in the first quarter, which ultimately resulted in a 7-yard touchdown run by running back Travontay Murray. The junior finished with 185 yards on the ground and an impressive five touchdowns. Murray’s five touchdowns in a single game broke a school record.

“I’m just trying to carry my team,” Murray said. “As I was running I was thinking, ‘I can’t do this without my team.’ The offensive line was out there blocking for me, and I was out there doing the best I can do for them.”

“Travontay is shifty and elusive,” McGavisk said. “He has quick feet and a lot of speed.

“We feel like we have some good backs.”

Midlakes was haunted by miscues and turnovers, particularly on special teams. Two long snaps sailed over freshman punter Tyler Lantrip’s head, while a third was low — forcing him to take off with very little space to maneuver.

The Eagles offense was stagnant, also, and they turned the ball over twice with bad pitches. Senior Ryan Shoemaker mishandled the first pitch by Bryson Carswell late in the second quarter, while Linwood Carswell followed suit in the early stages of the third quarter.

Linwood Carswell would redeem himself in the late stages of the contest as he punched one in from 7 yards out. The senior finished with 95 yards on 24 carries. Classmate Ryan Shoemaker led the defensive charge with 13 tackles.

“Our kids are competing,” Midlakes coach Doug Allard said. “It’s a tough task when little mistakes add up after a while.

“From a fan’s prospective they’re seeing the score and they’re obviously thinking nothing went right. As coaches you’re looking at the film, and you know that there’s probably seven or eight mistakes in a game, and those seven or eight mistakes led to touchdowns. That’s the type of stuff we’re looking at and telling our kids, ‘You’ve got to fix these seven or eight things.’ A good varsity team is going to score when you make mistakes.”

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