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- Henna is so popular now! Moreover, it has been used for centuries to decorate the body, for example, in India. You can make all-natural DIY tanner from an egg and henna. Mix henna and an egg apply this mixture on the skin, cover with wrapping plastic and wait for 5 minutes. Wash after that.

- If you need to create an illusion of big breasts, wear two bras.

- You can make fake braces at home to prank your friends or to make funny photos. You will need a rubber band and butterfly earring backs. Attach backs to the rubber band and you can place braces in your mouth

- Upgrade your boring denim jacket with laces. Check out an easy tutorial!

- If you are too skinny but dream about curvy hips, use sanitary pads to add a curve

- Check out the best and beautiful way to wear a belt if it’s too long

- Use two-sided sticky tape to secure loose boots

- Stinky pits? We share unexpected vodka lifehack that is really helpful. Use it to get rid of underarm odor

- Check out a cool and easy way how to shorten long handbag strap

- You can easily make glowing laces. In a bowl, mix Schweppes, peroxide and baking soda. Soak laces for 5 minutes. Voila!

- Use eraser to clean sneaker’s sole

- Learn how to keep your sneakers perfectly clean

- Mix 1 tbsp of cornstarch, 1 tsp of baking soda, 5 drops of essential oil. Mix all the ingredients in a plastic bag and put inside sneakers

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00:09 Surprising ways to use henna

00:35 DIY Tanner

01:58 Fake braces

05:38 Lifehacks for awkward moments

07:42 Glowing laces


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